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Jelly Splash Cheats

Thanks for visiting this site. If you’re looking for quality cheats that have not yet been exploited for Jelly splash. Then you have come to the right site.

Jelly splash is the next Candy Crush Saga, but unlike Candy Crush the aim of this game is to connect a long line as you can to gain higher points. It combines flash graphics and requires tactical skills to get you through the game.

There are 5 unique modes in Jelly splash , with one option being multiplayer. If you choose to play single mode then there are 200 levels to face before you complete the whole game.
As we know with most strategy games, the higher level you become the harder the game gets, not forgetting the limited moves or lives you get. Once your lives and moves are gone your game play comes to a halt, and you would have to wait half an hour to get a life back, or two and half hours to get a full refill. 

Many people who play Jelly Splash are always searching for ways to advance up in the game and make their game play a little easier. My guess is that if you have landed on this site then you our one of those people looking for answers. Well let me tell you that what we have developed is something for people like you, and this will be something you might want to use, it’s simply a Jelly splash cheats tool. If this is what you are after then continue reading all about it.

This Jelly Splash cheats tool is definitely trending right now, as mentioned already previously, the game Jelly splash is the next hot game in line from Candy crush saga. With this tool you’ll definitely enhance your gameplay and wouldn’t need to pay a dime for the features. These features of the Jelly splash cheats tool include the paid option for extra lives and moves. That’s right you wouldn’t need to pay anymore for having extra lives or moves, the Jelly splash cheats tool will take care of that in a few clicks.

There are currently just over 600,000 players who are playing this game, and like yourself would have searched around for cheat exploits to help them in the game. With our Jelly splash cheats tool it has helped allot of people past levels they have found impossible to complete, it is completely safe, legit and proven to be working and we plan to keep it that way.

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As you can tell by the image, there are plenty of features that this tool is capable of doing. We have added the option to unlock all levels as a bonus. This is an option that you can choose to ignore, this is because we have found that some people would like to still be able to work themselves to the top but just need that extra help such as extra lives and moves.
So now I have bored you about the Jelly splash cheats tool and have found out how others do it, are you ready to unravel the cool features that this tool can provide?. If you are, then step into the cheats side, but I must warn you, cheating can get addictive!